Behavior and Personality Changes

Behavior and personality changes are a normal yet frightening part of the progression of Alzheimer’s Dementia. If your loved one has recently received an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, or if you do not know what to expect when this happens, please see the link below, as well as the attached video: Behavior & Personality Changes (Weill Institute […]

Keeping Clean with Good Hygiene!

  Personal hygiene is one of the most important – and most difficult – aspects of caregiving to maintain, especially as decreased mobility complicates facility access. It is important, therefore, to develop positive hygiene habits early on, and to maintain a steady supply of essential hygiene products. Below, we list a selection of products that […]

Dealing with Aggression

Aggression in individuals with Alzheimer’s dementia can be a surprising and scary development, especially the first time it happens. It is important to remain calm in the face of aggression, and to identify the cause as quickly as possible. TIP: work backwards. Think about the recent past and what happened right before the behavior change? […]

Dealing with Restlessness

What is Restlessness? Restlessness is a common and completely normal response to isolation caused by limited change in environment. Common causes of restlessness are: Extended periods of illness, or injury-related recovery Seasonal changes, particularly extreme temperatures or prolonged periods of inclement weather Lack of mobility and mobility assistance Difficult physical or social environment around home […]

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