Keeping Clean with Good Hygiene!

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Personal hygiene is one of the most important – and most difficult – aspects of caregiving to maintain, especially as decreased mobility complicates facility access. It is important, therefore, to develop positive hygiene habits early on, and to maintain a steady supply of essential hygiene products. Below, we list a selection of products that our caregivers have recommended to us, as well as products that we have found useful during our caregiver experiences.

Essential Products:

  • Hand Sanitizer: this product allows caregivers to maintain clean hands without tiresome trips to and from the bathroom. We recommend keeping a small bottle on your person at all times, especially when out of the home.
  • Waterless Shampoo: also called “no-rinse shampoo,” waterless shampoo makes it easy to maintain hair hygiene when mobility prohibits showering or bathing in a traditional facility.
  • Shower Seat: for loved ones with adequate mobility, a shower seat allows for fatigue-free cleaning and prevents dangerous falls.
  • Body Wash: when choosing a body wash, make sure to look for products that contain moisturizers and are free of harsh chemicals
  • Temperature-Sensing Showerhead: if your home hot water fluctuates in temperature, a temperature-sensing showerhead can give you instant feedback on your water’s temperature to avoid scalding.
  • Long-handled scrub brush: to prevent back pain, a long-handled brush can enable you to comfortably clean your loved ones without having to lean into the tub.
  • Extra-large towels: large towels make it easy to keep loved ones warm when drying off, and prevent discomfort.
  • Baby Wipes: for accidents of any sort, a pack of baby wipes are a great way to quickly clean up without missing a beat.

Remember: everyone is unique! What works for one caregiver may not necessarily work for you, so make sure to gauge your loved one’s reactions to the products and techniques you employ. Keeping your loved ones comfortable is the key, so focus on that, and everything else will fall into place!

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