Why No Cost?

Financial planning is the largest source of long-term stress for caregivers.

Over 5.8 million Americans over the age of 65 are living with Alzheimer’s, and the number is increasing rapidly: every 65 seconds another person develops the disease in the United States.

For most families, a dementia diagnosis is more than just a terminal illness: it is an abrupt end to a planned future for retirement and financial independence.

Key Facts and Figures:

  • The number of Americans age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s may grow to 13.8 million in 2025
  • 16 million caregivers provided an estimated 18.6 billion hours of care to people with dementia (2019)
  • Unpaid caregiver care is valued at nearly $244 billion
  • Health care, long-term care and hospice for people 65+ with dementia cost estimated $305 billion (2020)
  • Over 50% of those with dementia end up on Medicaid during their illness
  • Fewer than 10% of families remain financially independent during a dementia diagnosis †
Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, our services are provided at no cost to caregivers and their families

Our impact: 3500+ Families Served 300+ Certified CEUs 100+ Events/Support Groups 7500+ Hours of Caregiver Support 10000+ People Impacted by Playbook $750,000 Total Support Value - all at no cost to caregivers!

Resource Impact

The core of our Game Plan is information. Providing experiences, solutions, tips, and advice to caregivers in crisis at no cost is the most important step in helping caregivers overcome the difficulties of caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s.

Service Impact

The fulfillment of our Game Plan is through outreach. Meeting with caregivers in crisis, either in their homes or at group sessions, provides a critical outlet for advice and support. Conferences, caregiver coaching, and other public events allow us to maximize the number of people we can reach, all at no cost to them.

Every donation, gift, or offer of assistance helps us equip caregivers in crisis with a game plan.
Every donation, gift, or offer of assistance enables us to reach farther into the communities that need us most.

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