Diet and Nutrition

Meals are a fundamental part of everyone’s day, yet they are often the most difficult part of the day for dementia caregivers . Diet and nutrition are critically important for the well-being of those with dementia, yet many lack the faculties to maintain proper nutrition on their own. As such, diet is a common source […]

Getting Outdoors

Feeling cooped up indoors? You aren’t alone! Research shows that physical isolation indoors can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and the desire to wander in individuals with dementia.¹ Find a trail in a nearby state or city park, or even just the patio at home, and take your loved one on an outdoor excursion. Things to […]

Tips and Strategies on Day-to-Day Care and Strategies on Day to Day Care, presented by Betsy Broyles Arnold, CISM. Recorded at the Game Plan for Alzheimer’s Caregivers Conference in Rogers, AR.

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