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Lorna James

Caregiver Bio:
Telephone: 9084633463
Caregiver Age: 58
Experience: Over a year
Interests: Telephone support sessions
Status: Worsening Alzheimer’s
Patient Info:
Name/Info: Phyllis James 89 years old Has Alz disease Not in good health, has been bed ridden now for the last 3 weeks, Appears to me she had a potential stroke a couple weeks ago. Had a stroke yesterday, went to ER 2/11/21 doing much better now, able to go home tonight
Respite Grants: Enrolled


Lorna, 58 years old. Has siblings but no one helps at all. 2/12/20 She went to the ER, had a stoke yesterday couldn’t move right arm or long. They are letting her go home and going to do physical therapy etc at home. they are setting up physical therapy etc to come int the home. Lorna trying to coordinate everything. She is wearing out, trying to carry on with her job. She is a financial planner. Non of her syblings help. Sister took her dad out of the nursing home and starved him to death. She quit feeling him. Family torn up. A lot of stuff going on.


1414 Carlixie Court Chester NJ 07930

Courtney Parker

Caregiver Bio:
Telephone: 2149911232
Caregiver Age: 24
Experience: New
Interests: Telephone support sessions
Status: New Diagnosis
Patient Info:
Name/Info: Christy Newhouser -Mom- 57 years old. she is divorced and has been living in a assisted living in Rogers. She is out of money and moving in with her daughter on Feburary 16, 2021. ( Next week) she has been diagnosed with MCI- early dementia is how the doctor described it to her. She is a early onset of Alz according to how she has described it to me.
Respite Grants: Not Enrolled


Courtney is scared and very thankful for help. She was told by a couple of places Medicaid doesn’t kick in until 62. We discussed PACE as an option and respite grants. I am sending her the videos on communication for her review prior to her mother moving in. She has a little one and we are going to talk agin soon. We talked twice today, and will again soon.


Decator Arkansas

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